ArcEquine Microcurrent Therapy System

Help your horse heal more quickly with this compact microcurrent therapy system, designed to increase ATP production which speeds healing by up to 50%.

  • ArcEquine is a compact, portable, battery operated device, which delivers drug free, non-invasive Microcurrent Therapy
  • When an injury or disease occurs, it decreases the rate of ATP production. There is less energy to transport the nutrients and the flow slows dramatically. The cells do not have enough energy to kick-start the repair process
  • By introducing microcurrent into the body, ATP production has been found to increase by up to 500%, kick starting and accelerating the body’s own recovery, allowing for the reduction of pain and inflammation, and healing to start earlier
  • ArcEquine mimics the body’s natural electrical currents and reintroduces them from an external source
  • This kick-starts and accelerates many processes involved with correct cellular functioning, resulting in faster healing and promoting optimal health